Amazing Barley Pure Organic Barley Product Reviews

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Amazing Barley – Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink is made from pure organic barley which offers numerous health benefits. Learn more about the wonders of barley – including its history, constituents, health benefits, recommended use, and precautions.

We also highlight some amazing Barley reviews from Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink users.


Barley is one of the world’s oldest crops. The use of barley for food and medicinal purposes dates back to 8,500 BCE. Used by many ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, and the Greeks, it was mainly used by Roman gladiators for stamina and strength. Meanwhile in the West, barley first came into popular use due to the barley grain it produces. More recently, it is being recognized for its superior nutritional value in grass form.

Barley Grass Constituents

Barley grass contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It contains folate as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. Barley grass also contains a significant amount of minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Additionally, barley grass is a rich source of essential amino acids, enzymes, and powerful antioxidants. It also provides valuable fiber to the body and does not contain any harmful cholesterol.

Barley Grass Health Benefits

Here are some of the many benefits of barley grass.

  • Immune Boosting
    Barley grass is naturally high in many essential nutrients that help to support the immune system, such as amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, it is very high in vitamin C which is vital to the overall health of the body in its efforts to combat infections – both bacterial and viral. In addition to its immune-supporting minerals and vitamins, barley grass is also high in arginine (an amino acid). Arginine is especially effective in helping the body heal from wounds and burns.
  • Digestive Health
    One of the cornerstones of good health is a healthy digestive system. Barley grass is a natural source of organic sodium which is required by the stomach line to produce hydrochloric acid – without hydrochloric acid, our food cannot be digested. Moreover, this substance is rich in digestive enzymes which can help reduce ingestible and toxic materials in food. Barley grass is also high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural cleanser for the body which helps counter the effects of eating processed foods. It can also provide you with an overall energy boost.
  • Detoxification
    Barley grass has an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is highly alkalizing and is a rich source of chlorophyll – a natural compound that converts sunlight into energy within the plant. When chlorophyll is consumed, it releases a flow of oxygen into the bloodstream which cleanses and detoxifies the body of impurities and harmful toxins. It also has the ability to bind to and flush out heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Furthermore, barley grass offers protection from cellular damage and radiation, regeneration damaged tissues and cells. It is such a highly effective and powerful cleanser that is recommended to start slowly to avoid detox symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and rashes. This is normal and is commonly triggered by the release of toxins from the tissue and cells; however, should symptoms persist, consult your doctor immediately.

Recommended Use

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink is all natural and non-toxic. It is in herbal juice form – no preservatives, no additives, and no synthetic or harmful chemicals used. There are no side effects or contra-indications, and may be taken alongside any prescribed medication. Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink is healthy, effective, and safe – it may be taken by people of all ages, including pregnant women.

For daily use, it is recommended that you drink one sachet of Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink thirty minutes before breakfast.

For recovering or sick people, it is recommended that you drink one sachet of Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink thirty minutes before meals, three times a day.

It is best to take Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink on an empty stomach, either thirty minutes before a meal or two hours after so that the nutrients can be easily absorbed without the presence of other foods.

Mix Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink with 200ml glass of water that is either cold or room temperature. Do not mix it with hot water as it could break down the living enzymes in the barley.


Barley grass may sometimes be rich in vitamin K, which can interfere with the effects of anticoagulants such as warfarin. Other than a possible allergic reaction, there are no known side effects attributed to barley grass.

Amazing Barley Product Reviews and Testimonies

Wondering whether Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink is truly effective? Here are some product reviews and testimonies:

“As an actor, my daily schedules are super hectic filled with tapings, rehearsals, photo shoots, out of town or country shows. Kulang lagi and tulog ko, but thank God for Amazing Barley nakakaya ko lahat. It gives me the energy I need every day. It’s truly amazing!”

– Piolo Pascual

“Salamat sa Diyos. Guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko sa dibdib at gumanda ang tulog ko nawal ang insomnia ko at benign ang result ng thyroid ko dahil sa Barley super energetic ako magtrabaho hindi ako nakakaramdam ng pagod at gutm at bumaba cholesterol ko. Kaya naman roud ako at nakilala ko ang distributor ng Iam worldwide barley napaka effective talaga. Salamat sa Diyos at salamat sa barley.”

– Cathy

“Mabisa tong Barley. Gumaan pakiramdam ko after ko maubos yung 1 box. Dati grabe sakit arthritis ko ngayon medyo tolerable na ang pain. Order ulit ako sir.”

– Rosario Mirafuentes

“Effective Barley. Yung kapatid kong may cancer dati matamlay katawan pinainom namin after 2 days nakakalakad lakad na siya. I try ko din to sa gallstones ko pag maganda resulta feedback ulit ako dito sir.”

– Enrico de Guzman

“Amazing talaga! Naramdaman ko na lumakas ako paginom ko nito tapos yung bukol ko parang lumiit hindi mo na siya mapapansin. Amazing product! Thank you Sir!”

– Ken Regalado

“Nahihirapan ako dati sa aking pag-ihi. Nagigising ako sa medaling araw, 3-4 na beses para umihi pero konte lang ang malalabas. Kaya ang pakiramdam ko noon ay napakahirap, parang lagging pigil ka sa pag-ihi. Pinainom ako ng aking anak na si Mark ng pure barley uminom daw akoaraw araw bago mag-almusal, at onti0onti napansin ko na gumaganda ang aking pag-ihi. Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan, ngayon, ay normal na po ang pag-ihi ko. Hindi lang poi yon ang napansin ko, pati ang aking altapresyon ay umayos. Salamat po sa inyo! Thank you Lord!”

– Leonardo Tamayo, Jr.

“Hi! I am Nedz 22 years old. I was admitted last Dec. 18, 2018 with Dengue Fever.

Hindi po madali, more than 12 times ako kinunan ng dugo para lang malaman kung ilan nalang ang naiwan na platelet. Umabot sa point na from 104 bumaba hanggang sa 80 nalang. Pero i was thankful kasi naagapan agad with the help of an Amazing Pure Organic Barley Juice i took it every 4 hrs to boosts my immune system and blessed i am nasa normal level na ang platelet ko. Na discharge ako last Dec. 24, 2018 ng hapon with the help of God nakasabay ako sa Noche Buena ng pamilya ko.”

“Health is Wealth” ika nga. This was my first admission, ang hirap po magkasakit. Lage kung iniisip na we should invest in our health dahil ito lang puhunan natin sa lahat. Meron o wala man tayong karamdaman ngayon, kailangan e maintain yung healthy living for our future’s health.”

– Nedz

“With all the food readily available during the holiday season, I easily gave in to the temptation to drink and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Softdrinks, milk, chocolate, literally anything I want.

When New Year came, all the food I ate made me feel so bloated. I am feverish and having gas pains. I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable.

I texted my mentor, Xyza that I won’t be able to make it to our trainings because of my condition. She then advised me to start drinking the amazing pure organic barley powdered juice drink. To my surprise, my stomachache and bloated feeling were all gone. It was as if I flushed out all the toxins in my body. Thanks to barley.”

– Gloria D. Imabayashi

“I’ve been suffering from Acute Gastro Enteritis and heartburn since 2006.

I have been in and out of Makati Medical Center for almost 10 years. It even came to a point that I pass out every time I have attacks. The attacks were triggered by just simply eating some potato fries, a single scoop of ice cream or even just a bite of chicharon.

Good thing, I have my health card which covered all my hospital expenses. Until such time that a friend of mine and business partner, Stephen Jardeleza introduced to me the Pure Organic Barley Juice.

Thank God, after more than 6 months of using Pure Organic Barley Juice I never experienced having an attack again and it also helped me lose weight. I feel healthy inside and out.”

– Louie Gae Sanchez-Lansang

“Hi friend. Thank you for introducing to me the barley products. For a week of taking it, I feel more alive and strong. I abruptly stop my maintenance for my heart and for a week, I feel better. I can walk 500 meters away without palpitation and moreover, I feel I ate more nutrients and vitamins in a glass of barley. May our Almighty Father use us in this purpose to help others as well and treasure his wealth through this product and business. God Bless us!”

– Anonymous

“I have been taking diabetic meds for so long but it never went down below 14mg/gl despite religiously taking medicine. Last Oct 1, I started taking Pure Organic Barley Powder. My endocrinologist and I was surprised to see my latest blood sugar came down to 5mg/dl. My doctor now is planning to remove all my diabetic meds. I know this is Gods plan. He has a purpose. Thank God pure organic barley was introduced tome through IAM Worldwide.”

– Anonymous

“For almost nine years, I suffered from excessive gastric ulcer and stomach pain. It brought so much discomfort to a point that I will be awakened by the pain in the middle of my sleep. I took some medicines which were prescribed by the doctor but there was no change in my condition.

Now that I am pregnant again, I need to take some maintenance medicines just to get rid of the pain. I feel blessed that I was introduced to the amazing pure organic barley. I drink it 30 minutes before breakfast. Now I know I am taking something that is 100% safe for me and my baby. The result is really amazing and effective! Plus it helped me get some good sleep at night.

IAM barley gives me value for money as it is effective, safe and it helped me get rid of gastric ulcer and stomach pain. Thank God for this amazing barley!”

– Mae Molina Ponggos

“In March 2010, I was rushed to the hospital due to severe lower abdominal pain and was diagnosed with endometriosis on the left ovary and endometriotic foci on the right. Both ovaries had 4 cysts. My OB-GYN doctor prescribed contraceptive pills to try to shrink the cysts, but the pills had negative side effects on me so I stopped taking it. The pain went away after a month anyway, so I didn’t bother to go for a follow up appointment with my doctor. In 2015, I started feeling the pain again for a whole week before my period and during my entire period, I have to endure the pain for several days. However, the pain will be relieved whenever I take paracetamol (I’m allergic to other pain relievers) and apply hot compress so I dealt with it that way for 2 years.

But this March 2017, I was rushed again to the hospital because of severe abdominal pain. Unfortunately, the skin test proved I am allergic to all pain relievers except for paracetamol. So, I settled with paracetamol and went home. I started looking for alternative medicines so I google for possible herbal products that can help me with the pain and barley came up on the search. I started taking barley last April 2017 and I became pain-free.

I had my OB check up last June 27, 2017. I’m really happy to find out that I’m not just a pain-free birthday girl, but cyst-free as well. Best birthday gift ever.

I know it’s barley because I wasn’t taking anything aside from this. Thank you IAM Barley. You made my life amazing.”

– JV Imperial

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Empty the contents of one sachet into a glass.
  2. Add around 50ml of luke warm or cold water.
  3. Stir well.
  4. Drink within 20 minutes of preparing, active enzymes of barley expires after that.

Please avoid using cold water, it will make the texture sticky and wont disolve easily. Using hot water also destroys the enzymes that is essential for our body. Use luke warm water 150ml to get the most benefit.

Yes, AMAZING Pure Organic Barley Juice Drink has only 20 calories per serving and has an abundance of nutrients. If you are in a weight loss program, your body will benefit by taking it. It provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins, minus fat and with practically no calories. It will give you the energy you need to get through the day even though you are dieting.

Even though AMAZING Pure Organic Barley is abundant in nutrients, it is not intended to be a meal replacement. It should be considered a supplement and as part of an overall diet.

No. The powdered juice is taken from the leaf of barley, it is the gluten content in corn, wheat, and barley grain which causes allergies. None of the ingredients in AMAZING Pure Organic Barley contain gluten.

To enable the nutrients to be assimilated easily without the presence of other foods.

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